W1S1 [ˈmʌni] n [U]
[Date: 1200-1300; : Old French; Origin: moneie, from Latin moneta 'mint, money', from Moneta, name given to Juno, the goddess in whose temple the ancient Romans produced money]
1.) what you earn by working and can use to buy things. Money can be in the form of notes and coins or cheques, and can be kept in a bank
Don't spend all your money on the first day of your holiday!
She doesn't earn very much money .
He's working for a finance company now, and making loads of money .
At last the business is starting to make money .
The company is losing money and may have to close down.
The repairs will cost quite a lot of money .
We're not going on holiday this year because we're trying to save money .
Could you lend me some money ?
I don't want to borrow money from the bank unless I really have to.
They charge huge amounts of money for their services.
We're trying to raise money to help children with cancer.
If you are not completely satisfied with our products, we will give you your money back .
He was left a large sum of money .
You can earn good money as a computer programmer.
2.) money in the form of coins or notes that you can carry around with you
= ↑cash
You'll find some money in my purse.
I didn't have any money on me (=I was not carrying any money) .
Swiss/Japanese/Turkish etc money
Don't forget to get some Swiss money before you leave.
We can change some money at the airport (=change it into the money of another country) .
3.) someone's wealth, including all the property and other things they own
The family made their money in the woollen trade.
He had lost all his money gambling.
4.) the money informal
the amount of money that you earn for doing a job
It sounds quite an interesting job, but I don't know what the money's like yet.
You have to work long hours and the money's terrible!
5.) pay good money for sth
spoken to spend a lot of money on something
Don't let the children jump around on the sofa. I paid good money for that.
6.) put/pump/pour money into sth
to give money to a company or business so that it will become successful and you will earn money from it in the future
No one's going to put money into the company while the market is so unstable.
7.) there's money (to be made) in sth
spoken used to say that you can earn a lot of money from doing a particular job or type of business
There's a lot of money in sport these days.
Teaching can be very rewarding, but there's no money in it.
8.) I'm not made of money
spoken used to say that you cannot afford something when someone asks you to pay for it.
9.) have money to burn
to have more money than you need, so that you spend it on unnecessary things
Unless you've got money to burn, these expensive guitars are probably not for you.
10.) get your money's worth
to get something worth the price that you paid
At that price, you want to make sure you get your money's worth.
11.) be in the money informal
to have a lot of money suddenly, or when you did not expect to
12.) money is no object informal
used to say that someone can spend as much money as they want to on something
13.) for my money
spoken used when giving your opinion about something to emphasize that you believe it strongly
For my money, he's one of the best TV comedians ever.
14.) put (your) money on sth
to risk money on the result of a race or competition
15.) I'd put (my) money on sth
spoken used to say that you feel sure that something will happen
16.) my money's on sb/sth also the smart money's on sb/sth
spoken used to say that you feel sure someone will win a race or competition, or that something will happen
17.) money for old rope
BrE spoken money that you earn very easily by doing a job that is not difficult
18.) put your money where your mouth is informal
to show by your actions that you really believe what you say
19.) money talks
spoken used to say that people with money have power and can get what they want
20.) be (right) on the money
AmE spoken to be completely correct or right
You were right on the money when you said that he would have to resign.
21.) marry (into) money
to marry someone whose family is rich
→↑monies, blood money, hush money, pocket money,give sb a (good) run for their money atrun2 (11), have a (good) run for your money atrun2 (12), throw money at sth atthrow1 (19)
COLLOCATES for sense 1
spend money
make/earn money
make money (=make a profit)
lose money (=not make a profit, so that a business owes more than it earns)
cost money/cost a lot of money
save money
lend/borrow/owe money
waste money (on something)
be a waste of money
charge (somebody) money
raise money
pay money (for something)
give somebody their money back/refund somebody's money
a sum/an amount of money
get/earn good money (=be paid good wages)
WORD CHOICE: money, cash, change, currency
Money is the most general word for the notes and coins that you use for buying things : Can I borrow some money? | Put the money straight in your purse.
Use cash when you want to emphasize that you mean notes and coins, and not cheques, credit cards etc : You have to pay in cash - they don't accept cheques.
!! Do not say 'pay by cash'. Say pay in cash .
Use change when you mean money in the form of coins, or the money you get back when you pay for something with more money than it cost : I need some change for the phone. | He left the shop without waiting for his change.
Use currency to refer to the money of a particular country : You'll need about £500 worth of Japanese currency.

Dictionary of contemporary English. 2013.


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